1,619 Boats! We did it!!

It’s official! We set a World Record! The Pittsburgh World Environment Day Partnership is pleased to announce that on last year’s WED on June 5, 2010, this region broke the world record for largest raft of canoes and kayaks! Guinness World Records recently notified Venture Outdoors of the accomplishment, staged as a key Pittsburgh World… [Continue Reading]

World Record Memorabilia!

Remember the record breaking moment with a commemorative photo or a 1,619 sticker for your boat! If you’re a t-shirt kind of person, we have a variety of World Record t-shirts you can order. You pick the design and color!
For a low cost way to remember the record, print a free Certificate of Participation that you… [Continue Reading]

1 Minute Time Lapse

This is our favorite. We can’t stop pressing replay. Check out this awesome time lapse video created by Randy Sargent and Paul Heckbert of the Carnegie Mellon University CREATE Lab. Be sure to wait until second 36 when everyone gets soaked in the rain!